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Madrid to Seville

AVG daily departures22
Average travel time3 h 13 m
Average speed122 km/h
Distance390 km

Madrid to Seville Train: Distance, Timetable & Tickets

Spain's efficient high-speed train network makes traveling between its major cities, such as Madrid and Seville, a seamless experience. The southern regions of Spain are well-connected, with modern trains departing regularly, making train travel a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective choice. Plus, the central locations of train stations in both cities make it a straightforward option for travelers. In Madrid, you'll find two main train stations: Atocha and Chamartín. Atocha is the central hub for most high-speed services, including those to Seville. Chamartín is located slightly to the north, serving a variety of routes. When traveling from Madrid to Seville, keep in mind that Atocha is your primary departure point, ensuring a smooth journey to the vibrant city of Seville. The train stations in both Madrid and Seville offer spacious and clean environments, accompanied by an array of shops and cafes, making your wait for departure comfortable. To ensure a stress-free journey, plan to arrive at the station approximately 30 minutes before your train's departure time. Once there, consult the departures board to locate your boarding platform, which is typically announced about 20 minutes prior to departure. After finding your platform, you can proceed to board. Be ready to present your ticket or QR code for access to the boarding area, and remember that digital tickets on your smartphone are perfectly acceptable, eliminating the need for printed copies. Experience the convenience and speed of Spain's high-speed trains on the Madrid - Seville route, and savor every moment of your journey.

High-Speed Trains from Madrid to Seville

5 fastest trains from Madrid to Seville

11:38 AM
2 h 33 m
09:05 AM
07:03 PM
2 h 33 m
04:30 PM
09:12 PM
2 h 37 m
06:35 PM
06:41 PM
2 h 42 m
03:59 PM
12:43 PM
2 h 43 m
10:00 AM
Shortest travel time2 h 33 m
Longest travel time7 h 7 m
Avg. daily departures:22

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