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Florence to Rome Trains

AVG daily departures31
AVG ticket cost€93
Average travel time1 h 31 m
Average speed152 km/h
Distance231 km

Florence to Rome Train: Distance, Timetable & Tickets

When you embark on an Italian adventure, the allure of experiencing more than one destination during your journey is irresistible. Fortunately, Italy's extensive and well-connected railway network makes it effortless to seamlessly traverse from one captivating city to another. Among the most sought-after Florence to Rome train routes is the high-speed journey from Florence to Rome. Not only does it boast remarkably swift travel times, but it also stands as a convenient and time-saving alternative when compared to other modes of transportation, including air travel. Below, we've compiled comprehensive answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning Florence to Rome train travel, ensuring your journey is as smooth as can be. Did you know that you possess the power to craft extraordinary itineraries with the assistance of an Italy trip planner online? Dive into a world of diverse and unforgettable attractions, and construct your very own customized voyage starting from the enchanting city of Florence! Explore the beauty and charm of Italy at your own pace, with every moment promising a new and captivating discovery.

High-Speed Trains from Florence to Rome

5 fastest trains from Florence to Rome

04:53 PM
1 h 25 m
03:28 PM
10:09 AM
1 h 26 m
08:43 AM
10:54 AM
1 h 26 m
09:28 AM
11:09 AM
1 h 26 m
09:43 AM
11:54 AM
1 h 26 m
10:28 AM
Shortest travel time1 h 25 m
Longest travel time1 h 40 m
Avg. daily departures:31

Popular Trains from Florence and Rome

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