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Gyeongju to Seoul

AVG daily departures20
Average travel time2 h 12 m
Average speed126 km/h
Distance277 km

Gyeongju to Seoul Train: Distance, Timetable & Tickets

Embark on an enchanting expedition along the Gyeongju to Seoul railway route, immersing yourself in the allure of modern rail travel. Glide effortlessly on the high-speed train that seamlessly connects these two dynamic South Korean cities, offering passengers a journey defined by efficiency and connectivity. The Gyeongju to Seoul train route unveils a tapestry of scenic landscapes and cultural richness, setting the stage for an unparalleled travel experience. Journeying from Gyeongju to Seoul becomes a seamless and exhilarating affair aboard the high-speed train, redefining the essence of exploration between these two captivating destinations. Beyond mere reduction of travel time, the Gyeongju to Seoul train ensures a ride marked by comfort and sophistication, appealing to both the discerning traveler and the local commuter.

High-Speed Trains from Gyeongju to Seoul

5 fastest trains from Gyeongju to Seoul

05:43 PM
2 h 2 m
03:41 PM
12:41 AM
2 h 3 m
10:38 PM
04:52 PM
2 h 4 m
02:48 PM
12:11 AM
2 h 7 m
10:04 PM
10:48 AM
2 h 8 m
08:40 AM
Shortest travel time2 h 2 m
Longest travel time2 h 47 m
Avg. daily departures:20

Popular Trains from Gyeongju and Seoul

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