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Venice to Verona Trains

AVG daily departures13
Average travel time1 h 6 m
Average speed107 km/h
Distance118 km

Venice to Verona Train: Distance, Timetable & Tickets

Traveling from Venice to Verona by train is a journey that seamlessly connects two iconic Italian cities via a well-established A to B railway route. High-speed trains offer an efficient and comfortable way to navigate this picturesque stretch of Italy, ensuring you reach your destination swiftly while enjoying the scenic beauty along the way. The distance from Venice to Verona is covered effortlessly, with high-speed trains completing the trip in approximately one hour. These modern trains provide passengers with a range of amenities, guaranteeing a pleasant and enjoyable travel experience. From comfortable seating to ample legroom and convenient luggage storage, everything is designed to make your journey stress-free. The Venice to Verona train schedule boasts multiple daily departures, allowing you to choose a convenient time that fits your itinerary. Whether you're exploring Venice's enchanting canals or Verona's historic sites, the high-speed train from Venice to Verona offers an ideal means of transportation for a memorable Italian adventure. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of Italy's railway network, making the most of your time exploring these captivating cities.

High-Speed Trains from Venice to Verona

5 fastest trains from Venice to Verona

07:10 AM
1 h 1 m
06:09 AM
09:10 AM
1 h 1 m
08:09 AM
10:10 AM
1 h 1 m
09:09 AM
03:10 PM
1 h 1 m
02:09 PM
04:10 PM
1 h 1 m
03:09 PM
Shortest travel time1 h 1 m
Longest travel time1 h 13 m
Avg. daily departures:13
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